I will add to this as I inevitably think of more.
  1. Lorelai Gilmore
    I've admitted this to a few but I actually chose my major in college because I wanted to work in hospitality because of Lorelai being a boss ass bitch as an Inn manager/owner. I have a coffee, music, movie, and pop culture addition thanks to this beautiful, intelligent character.
  2. Jessie Spano
    As a child I loved how smart and audacious Jessie was. I'm fairly certain I became a profound feminist thanks to her.
  3. George Bailey
    Always putting other before himself. I have always tried to model his behavior.
  4. Kat Stratford
    If you know me at all this one doesn't need explaining.
  5. Jesse and Celine
    Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight have two of the best written characters. The love story that unfolds is tragically imperfect.
  6. Seth Cohen
    Allowed me to feel hip in high school when I listened to Death Cab and The Strokes. The perfect sarcastic, spoiled nerd of the early 2000's.
  7. Paris Geller
    I loved how powerful and strong Paris is. She never cared about what anyone thought. Her moments of weakness that peak through are my favorite moments with her.
  8. Lloyd Dobbler
    The hopeless romantic, forever sweet and endearing, coming of age man.
  9. Marshall Erikson
    Everything you could want in a man. Funny, kind, chubby, caring, and passionate.
  10. Lester Burnham
    The most hauntingly beautiful roles. I love how he doesn't want to settle for an mundane average life and decides to completely turn it around.
  11. Vada Sultenfuss
    Intelligent and strong at such a young age. I always wished I was that cool and collected even at 24.
  12. Leslie Knope
    Ambitious and persistent and loving of all. She's literally the most perfect woman. Knope for president!