This March will mark 3 years in the lovely wedding industry
  1. Oh wow this is so exciting I get to be here on the day of someone's wedding and reception!!
    The happiest day of their life (and mine)!
  2. Ew gross why is this drunk Russian man hitting me?
    "No Russian sir, I will not give you a ride home!"
  3. Realizing weddings are awesome and glamorous until someone/everyone/grandma Jean, gets drunk
  4. Becoming a narcissist
    I'm amazing and I know more about weddings than you ever dreamed you could!!
  5. Becoming the brides therapist
  6. Getting serious nerves about messing up someone's "most important day of their life"
  7. Then crying outside when a bride screams at you
    Usually, wait no, ALWAYS something that's not my fault. Or something I can't control or do anything about on the night of the wedding
  8. Then the fucking euphoric feeling of nailing a bridezillas wedding so hard!
    That's right I crushed it, now bow down to me
  9. Getting tipped and feeling like a queen
  10. Seeing fabulous reviews mostly about myself making me more narcissistic
    Best wedding planner award goes to...
  11. Genuinely feeling proud like my job means something