1. Donnie Wahlberg
    He's tweeted me a few times. He also follows me.
  2. Ami James
    We've exchanged a few tweets. He used to follow me, but I pissed him off when I linked him an article about how terrible peta is. He unfollowed me for that. He's pretty much quit using Twitter, so no great loss.
  3. Patrick Stewart
    He liked a tweet I made about his show Blunt Talk.
  4. Shalita Grant
    She's liked a couple of my tweets about her show NCIS:New Orleans.
  5. Anne Wheaton
    Responded to my tweet response to her.
  6. Kim Rhodes
    I was saying I was going to make a t-shirt with something she'd tweeted on it and she responded.
  7. Drew Scott
    I asked about his Christmas movie, specifically additional air times, and he responded. Have also been tweeting about Brother Vs. Brother and he's responded to my tweets about the show.
  8. Jim Beaver
    Has responded to me a few times, also got a shout out on Twitter for supporting his play.
  9. Bruce Campbell
    He seemed...insulted? at having his writing compared to Robert Frost.
  10. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    I teased him about the pic he tweeted of his beard and he said he was growing it out Jeremiah Johnson style.
  11. Jonathan Knight
    I tweeted him joking about his driving (he tweeted about an accident he was in) and he DM'd me in response.
  12. Marian Keyes
    I tweeted that I was reading her latest book of short stories and that I could relate to her issue with her fingernails. Recommended she try biotin supplements, because they worked for me. She liked my tweet.