If I won the lottery, and depending on the size of the prize, I'd probably pay off some things before spending it on new stuff. These are the things I'd (probably) buy.
  1. Finish remodeling our current home.
    The flooring needs to be redone. The carpets (yuck!) are worn and stained from the previous owners' kids, so those have got to go. The tile in the entry is cracked, so even though it's a lovely decorative tile job, that has to go too. There are light fixtures that I want gone too. Once that was done, I'd shift focus to outside and redo all the landscaping.
  2. A new car.
    I'm currently driving my husband's former vehicle, a 2014 Ford Escape, and I HATE it. I loathe everything about it. I miss my Honda Accord, so that's what I'd replace it with.
  3. New cars for my mother and my MIL.
    They could both use a new car.
  4. A second home.
    I'm so envious of the people on those HGTV shows who can afford a second home. I have vacation house envy. The problem is that I don't know where I want this second home to be yet. Have to narrow down the list a bit first.