Some of these have me shaking my head.
  1. The first one is my Twitter profile pic.
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  2. The second one is from my Google+/YouTube profile.
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  3. Why does Michael Bolton come up? It's the last name, isn't it? It's got to be.
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  4. The next one is some girl I don't know. I guess her name is also Courtney Bolton?
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  5. This girl's name is also Courtney Bolton. She follows me on Twitter and Goodreads. Is she going to Single White Female me? Should I be looking over my shoulder?
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  6. No clue who this girl is. I'm guessing another Courtney Bolton. Courtney Bolton is apparently a popular name.
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  7. This one is actually me. It's an older pic, off my LinkedIn profile.
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  8. Guess who? It's this guy, AGAIN.
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  9. I could keep going, but I'm going to quit, especially since none of the other photos are of me, just random strangers...and Michael Bolton.