1. Scandal
    Too goddamn over-the-top with EVERYTHING. I just got sick of how implausible it is. It doesn't resemble reality in any way, shape, or form.
  2. The Following
    I got sick of how Ryan Hardy was the center of everyone's obsession. Like, what is so special about this skinny alcoholic dude?
  3. Hell On Wheels
    They lost me about 1/3 of the way through season 4. We didn't even watch the last season. There were too many plot lines that had nothing to do with the building of the railroad.
  4. Sons Of Anarchy
    The bullshit with the obsessive ATF agent in season one killed this one for me.
  5. White Collar
    It just kept going in circles toward the end. I didn't watch the final season because it had gotten so repetitive.
  6. Angel
    As much as I liked the character on BtVS and in the first couple of seasons of the spinoff series, when Connor and Cordelia got involved, that was too gross for me.
  7. Castle
    Once the current season ends, I'm done. It won't be the same without Beckett.