1. Burn Notice
    I didn't start watching this when it first aired. I think I started watching in season 2. Loved all the main characters. There were some less than stellar episodes, but the overall seasons never sucked. I liked how we got a clear, planned ending too. The BN producers made the decision to end on a high note, the network didn't force it on them. This show got me watching USA an awful lot during summer and winter hiatuses.
  2. The Closer
    Kyra Sedgwick was amazing in this. I only got into it the last couple of seasons it was on air. Why isn't this being rerun on TNT?!
  3. Frasier
    The humor was a bit high brow for me when it was on air, but now I'm old enough to understand and appreciate the humor.
  4. The Glades
    I want to know whether Jim died or not! I hate when a series ends on a cliffhanger. Fuck you, A&E! You did the same shit to Longmire. Thank god Netflix picked that one up.
  5. Leverage
    Everything about this show was awesome. I really miss it, but at least I have The Librarians to console me.
  6. Body of Proof
    I really enjoyed Dana Delaney as a medical examiner. I also liked the supporting cast.
  7. Justified
    Loved Raylan and Boyd's sniping at one another. At least this one got a proper resolution.