MOVIES I’LL ALWAYS WATCH IF THEY’RE ON TV they give topics to help you start lists...hmmm...I like movies...WTH, Here we go with my first list.
  1. Dirty Dancing
    Because who doesn't love doing living room karaoke in their PJs to "Time of my Life"?!
  2. Empire Records
    D@mn the man! Save the Empire!
  3. Dazed and Confused
    Alright, alright, alright
  4. Clueless
    Because obviously, I am a 90s kid
  5. The Breakfast Club
    Because I get all like the kid in Pitch Perfect (foreshadowing right there, folks) when I see the final fist pump by Judd Nelson and Simple Minds starts playing.
  6. Clue
    Because I used to like scary movies and then I became an adult and scary movies actually really scare me because people do crazy crap in real life so this is as close to a scary movie as I get now. Thanks reality.
  7. Pitch Perfect
    Because I can't sing at all but I try to be aca-awesome while singing along to this personal fave .....and I needed a movie on this list that wasn't made 20+ years ago. And now I feel old.