I work for a clinical research CRO. Meaning I do lots of administrative work for drug trials and nothing cool (like work in a lab or actually talk to patients). But I am lame and love my job so much that it has had weird affects on the not-work part of my life like....
  1. My automatic reaction is to keep everything!
    Because you never know when you are going to need the documentation or proof that something occurred... Like the FDA is going to come audit my crap from my college dorm room I haven't used in 10 years.
  2. I use excel spreadsheets to manage choices for a lot of decisions
    Need to pick a pediatrician for my kid... Make an excel tracker. Need to pick a condo to rent for vacation... Make an excel tracker. Need to know which brand of tonier paper is the best quality and quantity for the price... Make an excel tracker.
  3. I sound sort of smart about science to non-science people but really dumb about science to real science people.
    I learn little tidbits of real science from the protocols I work on but never actually do anything scientific. This puts me in a knowledge gray area. People that know nothing about science think I am super smart but if a doctor or even a freshman biology major started talking in detail about anything related to the body, everything turns blurry and they sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.
  4. I hate talking about cancer. Period.
    I have worked and continue to work on a lot of cancer drug trials so people who have loved ones with cancer always want to talk to me about that person's cancer and treatment. Like I said I only know enough about science to do my job but that's also enough to know that cancer sucks and it's really super complicated and unique to the individual person who has it. I get sad when people seek out info from me because really there isn't a lot of good to say when it comes cancer.
  5. I always check the possible side effects of any medication in my possession... Sometimes I even memorize them.
    I actually pay attention to the list of side effects rambled off at the end of those stupid drug commercials.
  6. I also make note of the pharmaceutical company that makes a product or medication.
    Mostly just to see if I have heard of them or worked on one of their trials.
  7. People think I could work in a hospital or doctor's office if I ever wanted to leave my current job. That my skills must translate.
    No. No, I can't. And No. No, they don't.