Sometimes it's ok to assume
  1. It's ok to assume that guy in your yoga class with the man-bun is going to hit on the yoga teacher, b/c trust me, he probably will
  2. It's ok to assume that guy in the giant pick up truck is going catcall you while your on your run b/c he probably is - prepare yourself however you see fit - my preferred response --->
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  3. It's also safe to assume that the same guy as above is really into rolling coal
  4. It's safe to assume if Benedict Cumberbatch is in a movie/tv show his character will somehow turn into a tortured genius even if it wasn't written that way
  5. It's ok to assume that if somebody is Canadian that they are great - b/c they probably are
  6. It's ok to assume that if somebody is from Delaware they are lying - b/c Delaware probably isn't really a state
  7. It's safe to assume I will live to be 150 years old, b/c a doctor told me I could once!
  8. It's ok to assume a book with Fabio on the cover isn't great literature b/c sometimes you can judge a book by its cover
  9. It's safe to assume you are being followed, b/c I'm probably following you