With pictures! Just kidding, I searched a few and couldn't handle it...
  1. Upper lip
    From far away it might look like a crumb, but as you come closer it's definitely a whitehead, but you slowly back away as you ponder a/b the likeliness it's herpes
  2. Ear
    If you have longer hair you can cover it up, so that's nice, but these ones HURT!!
  3. Inside of nose
    These can't always be seen, which is good, but also, they HURT, which is bad. But also they give your reason to pick your nose, which can be good or bad I guess...
  4. Your butt cheek
    If this happens in Winter, who cares. If this happens the night before you have a trip planned to to the beach it's a another fun game of 'herpes or zit?' and possibly running your tan line with shorts..,
  5. Anywhere on your face, really, after you feel like you've passed puberty...
    Because what a blow! Adulting is hard enough!
  6. Right on top of your nose
    These are always the biggest and the reddest. And you start to wonder if this is all just a cruel joke from the hand of God.
  7. Armpit
    I mean no can see it, but it makes shaving hard. And if I can't appease society by having a pure, anti-aging face well into my 50s I gotta be shaving that armpit hair!