This is my dog Billie. She has lots of expressions and knows lots of vocabulary words. Also, she loves to snuggle.
  1. When I tried to move my arm to a more comfortable position, Billie gave me some serious side-eye. I kept my arm there until it was numb...
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  2. Billie was despondent over the death of David Bowie. We mourned together, and snuggled to make out way through...
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  3. Billie finds euphoria almost every time she snuggles, often at the expense of everybody else's comfort. But who cares out my comfort, look at that face!
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  4. A look of condescension is perhaps the most common look I get from Billie! But she is cooler than me, so...
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  5. Sometimes, Billie's halitosis can clear a room. We are working on better dental hygiene!
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  6. Billie is totally oblivious to how 'cool' she looks while she is sleeping...
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  7. Billie was torpefied by the fact that had no meat for her. She can't even.
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  8. I'm her pensive state she though 'meat, ball, ball, meat, meat, meat, meatball?, yes, meatball!, belly rub, meat...'
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  9. Surprise Springroll appearance! I mean look at her! So aristo-cat-ic!
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    She has her own list too! Check it out! Prepositions by Cat
  10. Yup, Billie is a badass. You can totally tell from this photo too...
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