1. A Golden Girls Emoji
    👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 - like one of these except with all our favorite ladies! @kiraandlulu
  2. One of a person who just spilled salsa on their shirt
    Cuz this is very often the answer to the question 'what's up?' for me
  3. A 'suck it' emoji - like this? -->
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  4. One with a puppy jumping up on its owner for the first time after being rescued from the pound
  5. A bags of dicks
  6. One with a person rubbing their belly after a delicious meal
    I think I would use this one the most!!
  7. A monster driving a car
    Which will be representative of road rage, or the monster I turn into when I drive places
  8. Yoga pose person?
    Down dog? Tree pose? Idk
  9. A dog sniffing another dogs butt
    Probably used to answer questions like 'how's work going?' 'How was your yoga class?' And 'how's your BF doing?' Also, for when my dog wants to say hello to my friends!
  10. A Dolly Parton one
  11. A hedgehog on a roomba
    What could bring more cheer? Inspired by @so_so_funny
  12. Ghostbusters emoji?
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  13. Someone pouring out a beer for their homies
  14. A person riding a unicycle
    This one would always be sent to mean 'god I hate Portland so much right now, but actually love it, but like why is this one totally Portland thing happening right now to me?'
  15. A dancing chili pepper