1. Nipples, Italy
    Am Italian themed syrup club, perhaps?
  2. Stop, drop, and pole dance
    Possible male firefighter themed strip club
  3. Strip search this!
    Kind of punk rock - anti authority type place! Lots flipping the bird as part of the strip trade, I imagine
  4. Melons
  5. Milkmaids
    This could be totally normal or get very fetish-y - we would just have to see
  6. Stripasaurus Rex
    Dinosaur themed strip club?
  7. You be strippin'
    But really, maybe all the strippers and customers are tripping on acid? Idk... What?
  8. Banana Splits
    Where all the bendiest babes are
  9. The Scrotum Pole
  10. Minnie Striperton
    Soul, Jazz themed bar that plays lots of Minnie Riperton
  11. O hole-y Night
    It's always Christmas time in here! And always hole-y...
  12. Titty City ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    (emoticon included)
    Suggested by @rachhello
  13. Wet Noodle
    Strip club and spaghetti buffet.
    Suggested by @missy
  14. Hipstripping
    A hipster themed strip club where everyone is to cool to be there, the strippers are locally sourced and wear American Apparel, and nothing but PBR is sold.
    Suggested by @so_so_funny