Me in a Jo(r)b Interview - Explained by Riblet Photos

  1. I start strong!
    I'm dressed well, I showered, and I correctly pronounce my own name. Maybe I crack a crack joke. Laughter ensues.
  2. Then they ask me the first question... What makes you qualified for this job?
  3. "This job ain't that hord!"
  4. Is that your answer?
  5. ...
  6. At this point I'm sweating a lot, and can no longer make eye contact...
  7. "Pffffffttttt"
  8. There is a lot more to this job than...
  9. "It's a jorb"
  10. Alright, well thank you so much for your time
  11. "It's Courtney, 2016!"
  12. Alright, we'll need to ask you to leave now
  13. ...
  14. Wants to cry. Still leaves with the over confidence of a mediocre white man
  15. 'Courtney out'