1. Eat more sauerkraut
  2. Try to do my hair sometimes - like a top bun? Or a braid? Maybe use a hairdryer? IDK...
  3. Learn to draw?
    Who told me I couldn't draw? I'm pretty sure that's a skill you can learn! Just some basic skills, nothing crazy!
  4. To not say 'ew' when I look in the mirror
    It's been a rough year for body image, so I think at the very least I could not audibly say 'ew' when I first glance into the mirror in the morning! Baby. Steps.
  5. Stop wearing a bra?
    Inspired by @lame - I am an exercise instructor so it's hard, but also I know a lot a/b muscles and so it makes sense!! I'll try at some point!
  6. Stop apologizing for having anxiety (inspired by @andlamb )
  7. Play more piano
    *probably, also, buy a keyboard..
  8. Run another half marathon
    Hopefully this one will be measured properly - I am not doing another 16 mile 'half marathon'
  9. See more comedy shows
  10. Podcast w/ @so_so_funny - the funniest person I know!!
  11. And, like, also, get a job, apply for grad school, blah blah blah