1. I saw Amy Schumer on New Year's Eve in Seattle!!
  2. I started laugh crying with my bestie @so_so_funny before she a spoke a word - we were excited (& a little drunk) to say the least...
  3. I expected to laugh, but left feeling wonderfully empowered!
  4. Then, in the same week, I saw Patti Smith perform in Portland
  5. What a badass! And OMG she is 69 years old! And just killing it! A brilliant human full of love, kindness, and not giving a shit - ness.
  6. There was a dude trying to get everyone to sit during 'gloria' and Patti Smith was all:
  7. What are you doing dude? Cut that shit!
  8. And I felt kind of bad for the guy?
  9. Because I always feel about making people mad, or hurting their feelings
  10. But that guy didn't care - he just decided to dictate how people should behave at this concert without a care in the world!
  11. And she called him out on his shit!
  12. Amy Schumer totally did the same to a guy who tried approaching the stage to get a photo with her!
  13. And it hit me
  14. These ladies don't give a shit a/b making people mad! Or a/b calling people out on their bullshit!
  15. I get it!!
  16. And I feel this way in theory, but don't really follow through in real life
  17. But, it's quite possible that I need to upset some people along the way to actually achieve the things I want?
  18. Something I already knew...
  19. But was reminded of again in a big way
  20. So, 2016, 2017, 2018, moving forward
  21. I am more willing to call people out on their shit
  22. To make some people mad
  23. And to be the badass I am
  24. Because, fuck you!