1. I'm a yoga teacher, fyi
  2. Sometimes people fart in class, it happens, we are only human
  3. I try not to giggle when it is audible, but usually fail
  4. I can usually tell who it was
  5. And can ALWAYS tell who it is affecting
  6. I have farted while teaching!
  7. Nobody suspects me, and I have the gift of being able to move anywhere in the studio to do it
  8. I have one student who apologizes when she farts
  9. Yes she has farted more than once
  10. I think it's cute that she apologizes, but it makes everyone else confused & uncomfortable...
  11. When you fart everybody is going to ignore it and pretend it's not happening
  12. I desperately want to shout 'Who Farted?' but will resist the urge
  13. So just 'let it go' so to speak. That's what yoga is all about anyway
  14. Also, if you hear a fart but don't smell a fart
  15. It wasn't a fart
  16. It was a queef 😉
  17. Just sayin'