For @so_so_funny and all the Driver fans in the room!
  1. I've never seen Girls
  2. Which is weird if you know me
  3. Nor have I seen anything else Adam Driver has been in
  4. But I've SEEN him
  5. And heard him
  6. In interviews and what nots
  7. And I'm late to the game
  8. But he stole my heart in Star Wars
  9. I'm obsessed with Kylo Ren
  10. And it's all because of Adam!
  11. And now I need to watch everything he has ever done
  12. And if Oscar Isaac just, ya know, happens to show up in one is these things
  13. That is totally fine! 😉
  14. But know, I'm in it for Adam
  15. ❤️❤️❤️
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