Some of My Favorite Aidy Bryant Moments

Girl knows how to steal a scene!!! I love her so much! I'm sure there are so many more than this but this is what comes to mind at the moment!
  1. First Got Horny 2 U music video!
    She stole the show for me here with the scoot!! Robbie Sinclair from 'Dinosaurs!' I hear that! This was everything!
  2. Melanie!
    This character is gold! She is lovin' the dad bod y'all!!! I think there could be a whole list with Melanie quotes! So good!!!
  3. Janine!
    The waterbed commercial! Her crazy eyes! The way she says beeeesttttt! They way she rolls around in the bed! Sooo gooooddddd!!!!
  4. The Worst Lady on an Airplane
    Luggage is for losers! I carry everything in loose plastic bags! Also, Panda Express!! "I leave the broccoli on the tray table to cover up my farts!"
  5. Dyke and Fats
    Wish this was a regular thing or a goddamn movie!!! I need more!!! When she slips her number under the cheeseburger plate - the face she makes! Sooo gooooodddd!!!
  6. Lil' Baby Aidy
    Back Home Ballers! The part where the neighbor asks what's new with her and she says 'the same' and then just walks away backwards... I can relate!!
  7. Lil' Baby Aidy (again)
    (Do It On My) Twin Bed - her dance next to her childhood photo! Damn Aidy!!
  8. And my all time favorite moment ever...
  9. I'm just a woman trying her best
    Stole a scene with Jim Carrey and Kate McKinnon running around like the dancers in a Sia music video! That is skill!