You'd be surprised how many times stinky fridges of the past come up in conversation. Guess it's b/c of that good ole olfactory memory 👃🏻
  1. Mini fridge, freshman year college, boyfriend's dorm room
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    This guy sucked. He hated my friends, he made me feel dumb, and he caught me at a time where I was extremely lacking in confidence and authenticity. But, his fridge was soooo stinky and he always pretended like he had no idea. Borderline gas-lighting, really.
  2. Mini fridge, freshman year, my dorm room
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    Also known as the fridge I wish smelled. Instead it was our room that smelled, because my roommate would make Tuna Helper and leave out the leftovers instead of putting them in a Tupperware in the fridge. I wonder what ever happened to her....
  3. The post fermentation festival work fridge
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    So glorious, so stinky. The sauerkraut people left us the rest of the giant tubs they didn't use at a fermentation festival we hosted. I put them in the fridge and when I opened it the next morning I could smell the stinky deliciousness of sauerkraut. I was pleased, everybody else was not! Later, at lunch, we opened them for eatin' - every visitor we had that day must have been very turned off...
  4. The infamous stinky boy fridge of that weekend in Humboldt
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    It was our first road trip through Northern California! Our car ride mostly smelled of the words, the ocean, and weed. When we arrived at our destination, Tommy's house, we opened the fridge to find an aroma that filled the whole house! We avoided opening it all night and lived off of whiskey and clementines. Tommy was dumped soon after
  5. The cheese fridge at New Seasons
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    There is a rhythm to my trips to the grocery store. Free coffee sample first, then the snacks, then the cheese fridge. The cheese guy always asks if I want to sample a cheese, and I always say yes! Then I take a whiff, grab the stinkiest Brie I can find, and go on my merry way.
  6. My fridge, after my trip to New Seasons
    See above out my selection of Brie
  7. The fridge of Beaufort-Sur-Gervanne, a cheese lovers dream
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    My favorite stinky fridge of all - the reason I made this list - the glorious fridge at our extended families home in France. Fresh goat cheese abound, a stink so delightful it brought tears to my eyes, a dream every time I opened the fridge. What's that stink? Oh yes, it's the best cheese in all of the land. Take a whiff and all will be yours ❤️❤️❤️🧀🧀🧀