Times Marcel the Shell Spoke the Truth

One of the most genius things in existence - quaint, wise, & hilarious! I remember these whenever I'm having a bad day - enjoy!
  1. I also have shoes & a face, so I like that about myself
    Truth...Marcel the Shell teaches us to be confident and to love ourselves.
  2. Guess what I want, but I'm not gonna beg for it? A nickname
    Truth... Don't we all feel this way?
  3. We won't fight unless we're provoked
  4. If you drive a bug you have to be pretty easygoing b/c you're only gonna get to go where the bug wants to go... Really what you just have to wanna do, is take a ride
    Truth... And a wonderful metaphor a/b life
  5. Sometimes people say my head is to big for my body, and I say 'compared to what?'
    Truth... Compare & despair... Own who you are!
  6. I'm fine, I'm just embarrassed
    Truth.. We've all had moments where we've failed or fallen just wanted to hide away, but we get back up! Cuz we are fine.
  7. That time he coped with stress by burying himself into the dirt
    Truth... I like to garden when I'm stressed, dirt is awesome, and Marcel is wise for knowing this
  8. All he cares about is treats, treats and snoozin'
    Truth... An accurate description of a dog from a wise little shell
  9. Guess why I smile a lot? Because it's worth it!
    Truth... So good...
  10. I like it when people get stuck in places and they start to tell secrets
    Truth... We all love secrets...
  11. Life's a party, rock your body!
    Truth... Maybe the truthiest thing of all...
  12. Thank you Marcel!!