1. Because I don't have to use full sentences
  2. My creative mind seems to work best in this format
  3. It feels productive even though it's actually procrastination
  4. It's very stream of conscious so I feel I can write down whatever comes to mind next, even if if its unrelated or super weird
  5. I'm constantly making up lists for the dumbest shit ever in my head so why not write them down
  6. I get to pretend like I'm writing for @BuzzFeed or something and like its my job even though it isn't
  7. It's a good way to realize ideas and acts as a good outline for writing an actual piece with full sentences
  8. Because the @list
  9. Because I have a notebook buying addiction and need to write something in them
  10. Because the Liszt puns I can use!!!
  11. Also because I need them, for groceries and stuff