Analysis of actors/actresses

  1. Johnny Depp- needs a better editor. Every film is too long. Even Rango.
  2. Greta Gerwig- I don't really get her whole deal but I'm still trying.
  3. Katherine McPhee- don't get her and don't care
  4. Will Smith- is doing good work that's not always in the zeitgeist. Except After Earth. I didn't watch that one.
  5. Kristen Stewart- is also doing good work that's not always in the zeitgeist.
  6. Felicity Jones- I like her and I'm convinced she can act because every interview she gives is mind-numbingly boring.
  7. Dan Stevens- I'm still hella salty about Downton Abby.
  8. Christine Baranski- she's a queen. But I'm still salty about how Good Wife ended. Also, Good Fight seems like the writers kept writing the same characters but switched up the parts. The 2 African American partners are Will and Diane 2.0.
  9. Emmy Rossum- has the nicest hair in Hollywood. I wish she would do some Broadway instead of directing shitty TNT shows.
  10. Helen Mirren- watching her crush younger actors under the weight of her full attention is one of the joys of my life.