1. The African Queen
  2. Hannah and her Sisters
    Big cast, fast pace. Dianne Wiest is pretty great.
  3. Gaslight
  4. Million Dollar Mermaid
    Go ahead and fast forward over the first 45 min.
  5. Fame
  6. Ben-Hur
  7. Auntie Mame
    How great was Rosalind Russell. There will never be another scene like the candlestick phones scene in His Girl Friday
  8. The Tender Trap
  9. The Gazebo
  10. 3 Little Words
  11. The Man Who Wasn't There
  12. The Band Wagon
  13. To Catch a Thief
    French Riviera, flower market, fireworks, car chases. What's not to like?
  14. Some Came Running
  15. Mother
    Mel Brooks and Debbie Reynolds
  16. Rome, Open City
  17. Yentl
    My body is rebelling against all the new Netflix content. It's too much
  18. Splendor in the Grass
  19. Frailty
    RIP Bill Paxton
  20. Show Boat
  21. Searching for Bobby Fischer
  22. Boondock Saints
  23. The Hustler
  24. Whatever happened to baby Jane?
  25. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  26. Summer Stock
  27. Howard's End
  28. Cool Hand Luke
  29. Pollack
    Nothing makes me feel more calm than Marcia Gay Harden talking in a quiet voice
  30. Rope
    Beautifully shot. Hitchcock in Technicolor.
  31. The Remains of the Day
    Emma Thompson, Christopher Reeve, 17yo baby Lena Headey
  32. The Trouble with Harry
    Shirley MacLaine + fall foliage 🍁🍂
  33. Desk Set
    Lot of ass swatting in this lol