I look forward to Halloween every year- in part because my school has a fantastic carnival and I LOVE seeing all my students dressed up. I always feel sad when it's over, and start to get ideas of what I'll be next year. Here are my favorite past costumes that I've worn
  1. Rockford Peach
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    I can't even tell you how many times people shouted,"There's no crying in baseball!" I wore this two years in a row, and I'm sure I'll wear it again in the future
  2. Witch
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    I think this was more memorable because our parents took us to Disneyland on Halloween day. Back when they didn't have a "thing" and it was almost empty. Umm I think my sister was a "skeleton"
  3. Princess Bride
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    I mean, just look how cute I was 👰🏽⭐️
  4. Lydia Deetz
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    It's all about the handbook
  5. Frida Kahlo
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    I remember taking the metro blue line from downtown Long Beach to Hollywood, with full unibrow, all alone. Surprisingly, no one harassed me.
  6. Sunflower
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    I made/sewed this on my own (not the dress part) and wore it to my school carnival as well. Oh yeah, and I wore it on the show Lets Make A Deal!
  7. Joan from Mad Men
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    I just wanted to wear a red wig
  8. Shakespeare characters from Comedy of Errors
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    We secretly took our costumes from our senior year play and wore them to a Halloween party.
  9. Skeleton with a Cardigan
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    Wore this to this years school carnival. It's really tough to suck in your gut for 2 hrs while wearing a skin tight costume.