My mom loves my dog, eating fish, and stealing my books.
  1. "Good morning. Hope you and Poppy stay cool today. It's supposed to be over 100 degrees."
    Poppy is my dog.
  2. "What size is Poppy? S or M?"
  3. "Hey, saw you on 'Let's make a Deal' and you looked cute!"
  4. "Peace out."
  5. "Are you still exercising?"
  6. "We are eating more fish now a days."
  7. "Yeah right. She's old and makes comments so just ignore them hehe."
  8. "Love you. Tell Poppy we love her too."
  9. "You should get cod at Costco. It's a little meatier."
  10. "Can you bring me a good book? Don't forget."
  11. "Okay see you Sunday. Don't forget the book."
  12. "What book are you bringing? Don't forget! Oh and maybe a cute costume I can wear to work. Don't forget the book though. Love u!"