#tv2015 Part 1

TV shows I watched in full during 2015. This comprises Part 1 of my TV viewership.
  1. Just Shoot Me
    (7 seasons, 148 episodes) - David Spade is an all-time favorite. This show is your average late 90s/early 00s sitcom. #tv2015
  2. The Drew Carey Show
    9 seasons, 233 episodes) - More nostalgia than anything. I used to watch when I was a kid. Still can be funny.
  3. 3rd Rock from the Sun
    (6 seasons, 139 episodes) - John Lithgow AND Joseph Gordon-Levitt! What's not to love? Answer: French Stewart.
  4. Parks & Recreation
    (7 seasons, 125 episodes) - The minute the finale ended we turned around & watched it all again.
  5. Damages
    (5 seasons, 59 episodes) - Patty Hewes is ~RUTHLESS~ and this show is full of great characters, stories, and writing.
  6. The NewsRoom
    (3 seasons, 25 episodes) - Uneven Aaron Sorkin is still better than a lot of television. I enjoyed it all the same.
  7. Dexter
    (8 seasons, 96 episodes) - Repeat what you've always heard. Great [GREAT] start, average middle, super-weak ending.
  8. Veronica Mars
    (3 seasons, 64 episodes, 1 movie) - Go out and watch this now! I don't want to hear another word about it. Now!
  9. M*A*S*H
    (11 seasons, 256 episodes) - You watch as much TV as I do, you eventually have to watch MASH. Many parts are still very good.
  10. Gilmore Girls
    (7 seasons, 153 episodes) - You should ask @maryplautz about my impression of Dean talking to Jess. It is perfect.
  11. The West Wing
    (7 seasons, 156 episodes) - Third time through and first time I lost steam by the end. First 4 seasons are still great.
  12. Breaking Bad
    (5 seasons, 62 episodes) - Watching Walter White change over a few weeks instead of 6 years is shocking and amazing.
  13. L.A. Law
    (8 seasons, 171 episodes, 1 TV movie) - The ORIGINAL law procedural. The show was so good...until it wasn't.