My Kylie Cosmetics Pop-Up Shop Experience

I do this so you don't have to. Or if you want to but aren't sure. Or if you're going to go regardless of this list. Just do u.
  1. It's Tuesday night at 7pm. The line is long. There are at least 70 people ahead of me. I enter the queue.
  2. Black velvet ropes herd us into a single file line. Nice touch, Kylie.
  3. I count 5 babies in strollers. At least a dozen more toddlers await to obtain their lip kits.
  4. Most of these girls in line got their makeup on the fleek (sp?). I just came from work and look like a Homeless Ghost*
    Description courtesy of New Girl's Nick Miller
  5. There's like a very intense set of rules and regulations??? I feel like I'm about to get on a theme park ride/sell my soul to el Diablo de la lipstick.
    I don't know the Spanish word for lipstick, but I'll ask my mom when I get home.
  6. They line is moving! The line is moving!
  7. They cut it off right before me. Nice.
    Not surprised. I am very cursed and I have made peace with it.
  8. The girls in front of me were talking to the line attendant. They have been here 3 times so far and have yet to see Kylie™. They think tonight is their night, but I think it might be time for disappointment: round ~3~
  9. Omg. Made it to the second phase of line. I am v close. I can smell Kylie's pile of money from here.
  10. No hate though. This Kylie knows how to get them dolla dolla bill$$$ y'all.
    I know the struggle.
  11. I got a WRISTBAND! This shit is official.
  12. Nice
  13. My sister better like this Hanukkah present. Maybe I'll wrap it in Kylie Wrapping Paper™
    If they have it. Pic TBD
  14. People are staring at the line. Here are some reactions I've heard so far:
    "Are these people seriously waiting in line for this??" "I have better things to do, this is so stupid. Look at this." "omg babe I didn't know this was here, let's get in line" "who the fuck is Kylie? Is this headphones??"
  15. Might say "Is this headphones???" To every store I walk by now
    I loled
  16. The bags people are walking out with look super cute like.
  17. To the people hating:
  18. ok I'm currently inside. I see why there's a whole "long ass line limited people enter with wristbands" situation. Peeps be SAVAGES
  19. However, I got what I needed and am about to check out
    Gonna get that cute bag, y'all!
  20. A cool $54 later...I SURVIVED.
  21. Here are some pics I snagged in the MIDST of all this madness. And it was madness. But fun af too.
  22. Wall o'lipkits
  23. A trendy space
    Did not purchase lollllll. Target paper will have to do.
  25. They had literally everything. Snagged my sister something from the Holiday Kollection™
    Also a lip liner for myself. I'm human.
  26. Alright that was fun. Gr8 idea Kylie. TBH,50% of my reasoning for this adventure was so I didn't have to pay for shipping. Worth it tho.
  27. Time stamp: 7:40pm. I'm out 💋
  28. P.S. Props for playing songs off of Starboy in there. I was feeeeeeling it