The Tampa Bay Rays are holding their annual pride night tonight with all proceeds going to help the victims of the Orlando massacre. Here is a list of my adventures throughout the night.
  1. Left clothes in the dryer. They may get wrinkled. I hate when that happens.
  2. Get to St. Pete and find out Caddy's has a second location on Central Ave. Great to see it in downtown. Stopped there for a Sam Summer.
  3. Made it over to Mastry's where I got a Red Stripe. Hole in the wall bar with one beer on tap. Don't know if I've ever seen that.
  4. Went to the best bar in St. Pete - Crowley's. Had a Weihenstephan Hefeweizen. Best Hefe I've had since I was at the Redhook Brewery. Very much suggest.
    Side note I went to the bathroom and their sink had faucets that I could turn to the wall or away and have it still turn on.
  5. Made it to Tropicana Stadium. So cool seeing the Trop sold out some day other than opening day especially for Pride Night.
  6. Seats for tonight's game. I've been extremely lucky to know people who work for the rays who get me sick tickets. Very thankful for them.
  7. Get to see Buster Posey tonight. One of the games' great players.
  8. The Wave started in the top of the 7th. I generally don't like the wave at a baseball game but it's the Rays.
  9. An all male gay choir sang God Bless America and the entire crowd sand along. That was pretty cool.
  10. The Rays and fans raised over $300,000 for the victims of the Orlando massacre. Reason number 4 billion why baseball is great.