From a Dad waiting outside while girls go in women's room alone for the first time.
  1. Are they too young to go by themselves?
  2. They'll be fine
  3. Crap. They forgot their bag with shampoo and clothes.
  4. Why is it taking them so long to come around the corner to get the bag?
  5. Wow, this is taking a while
  6. Really? Why are you wearing a towel in the gym hallway?
    Oh, you started washing you hair and now need me to take out your hair ties.
  7. Ok they should wrap this up soon.
  8. Oh. here they are. Wait, they are getting more towels.
  9. I hear a lot about transgender bathroom issues. Seems like a big risk especially at a gym
  10. God dammit this is taking too long
  11. Are they using the swimsuit spinner?
  12. They are spinning too long
  13. Oh here the are. Crap just need another towel.
  14. Finally.
    Wait. Where are your swimsuits?
  15. I hope they put all those towels in the hamper.