1. JK Rowling claims that in the forest Voldemort really kills Harry really dead for real, but if you read that part carefully, especially after the train station dream/heaven/whatever sequence, it really seems like he was just knocked out really hard and/or mostly dead? Discuss.
  2. Lily died for Harry so her blood protects him as long as he lives with her relatives ('blood') until he's an adult & then for some reason that stops working (& also it only works when he's... in the house? the neighborhood? over summer break? it's unclear).
    When Harry 'dies' (questionable) for his friends (or everyone at Hogwarts? all good wizards? all of wizard-kind? humanity?) the same magic then protects them from Voldemort but... how? Because they live at Hogwarts & Harry still lives at Hogwarts? So would it not work if Harry had stayed dead (if he even really died)? Or do Harry's (dead) relatives live at Hogwarts? Does Harry and/or his relatives own Hogwarts?? Also a lot of those people are adults & the spell doesn't work on adults?? Theorize.
  3. What are the implications of Harry & Voldemort being descended from the same ancient wizard bloodline? Are there any? Or are the Peverells like the Genghis Khans of the wizarding world & everyone is descended from them?
  4. Do we think Cadmus Peverell, original owner of the Resurrection Stone, had kids with the woman he tried to resurrect before she died, or did she die & then he had kids with some poor other woman who could never measure up, or what? Either way, Cadmus Peverell was definitely a terrible father (& probably husband), right?
  5. What is the point of spending most of the book deconstructing Dumbledore-as-Moral-Wise-and-Caring-Mentor, only to be like, 'Eh, he's all right, though,' in the last three chapters?
  6. If all really is well at the end, what's up with this sequel play?