This list is in no way comprehensive because I don't have enough memory to dedicate to all the ways every parent on OuaT is terrible. Also, I'm not listing the villains because that goes without saying. Spoilers, obviously.
  1. Hook
    Lost his step-son to evil!Peter Pan. Centuries later, dated his step-son's ex-girlfriend/child's mom. Consistently loses/endangers/fails to protect his girlfriend's son (his step-grandson??).
  2. Robin Hood
    Still hasn't named his infant because "I have to know her first" which... is not how it works, dude. Left his toddler son & newborn daughter in the care of Belle & some fairy-nuns so he could go to the Underworld with his girlfriend to retrieve her coparent's dead boyfriend. #AlternativeFamily #It'sComplicated
  3. Rumplestiltskin
    Dropped his son into a portal to another dimension, then failed to follow him. Regretted it & destroyed multiple worlds to get back to him, only to get him killed. Says he wants to be better, then isn't. Loses/endangers his grandson A LOT. Sold his unborn baby to a wizard. #HonestMistake
  4. Regina
    Spent a huge chunk of her life trying to murder her step-daughter. Spent several years emotionally manipulating and blackmailing her son (who is also her step-great-grandson). Got Better(TM), but now her son gets kidnapped all the time. Most recently agreed to take her thirteen-year-old son to the Underworld to help retrieve his other mom's dead boyfriend.
  5. Emma
    Consistently loses/endangers/fails to protect her son, even though he has no less than six other concerned adults looking out for him at any given time. Most recently took her thirteen-year-old son to the Underworld to help her retrieve her dead boyfriend.
  6. Snow & Charming
    Put their newborn daughter in a portal to another dimension with a puppet-turned-small-boy as her caretaker (shockingly, this did not go well). Consistently leave their infant son while they go off to fight villains (but inexplicably kept him with them when they knew they were about to turn into murder-psychos); most recently abandoned him to go to the Underworld to retrieve their adult daughter's dead boyfriend, because god forbid you teach your kids about accepting death & healthy grieving.
  7. Aurora
    Is probably a fine parent but is LIVING A LIE #Mulan/Aurora5EVER!!!!!