1. The fact that Fred died & Percy lived
    I actually have nothing against Percy living, but not at the expense of Fred. If a Weasley had to die, why couldn't it have been Percy instead of a twin? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE A TWIN???
  2. The fact that Finnick died & Gale lived
    Finnick was so good & loving & caring & suffered so much & HAD A WIFE & CHILD. But Gale Hawthorne - Gale 'Killing-Isn't-Personal' Hawthorne, Gale 'Civilian-Lives-Don't-Matter' Hawthorne, Gale 'My-Feelings-Are-More-Important-Than-Katniss's-Attempts-To-Survive-While-Maintaining-Her-Humanity' Hawthorne - Gale fucking Hawthorne fucking lived! GALE. FUCKING. LIVED.