setting aside the fact that you apparently already know what she means given that you often take it upon yourself to interpret her feelings as the opposite of her words
  1. when she nods her head yes but she wants to say no
    she doesn't feel like she can say no. the question you should be asking here is, 'why do you, my girlfriend, feel like you can't say no to me, and what can I do to make saying no to me comfortable for you?'
  2. when she doesn't want you to move but she tells you to go
    she wants you to stay but only because YOU want to stay, not because you feel like you have to. alternatively, she actually does want you to go and you mistakenly think she doesn't want you to move. since she already feels like she can't say no to you and you're too stupid to realize that, probably the second one
  3. 'we're running out of time'
    depending on the context, you're either late for an event, or your relationship is on the rocks. either way, this shouldn't be confusing
  4. you don't know if she's happy or complaining
    again, context should help with that. PAY ATTENTION
  5. first she wants to go left and then she wants to turn right
    if she always turned left she would go in a circle. she would actually like to get somewhere (maybe out of this dead-end relationship with a moron?)
  6. wants to argue all day, make love all night
    make up sex is the best sex (also your relationship is falling apart and you're too dumb to realize it)
  7. first she's up, then she's down, and then between
    she's more creative in bed than you
  8. she wants to make a point but she keeps preaching
    she has to keep preaching because you are TOO DUMB TO GET THE POINT UNLESS IT'S SPELLED OUT FOR YOU