my life choices & possible future regrets are none of your business
  1. Way too many people: 'You cut your dad out of your life forever? But someday you might regret that!'
  2. Me: 'OMG I MIGHT???!?!?!??!?? That has literally never once occurred to me!! This was a totally arbitrary decision I made on a whim and definitely not something I spent years agonizing over before coming to the painful conclusion that this is the healthiest choice for me.
  3. THANK YOU, KIND SOUL, FOR SHOWING ME THE ERROR OF MY WAYS!!! I will never have any regrets now thanks to you and your assumption that I never consider the possible consequences of my life-altering decisions!!!!'
  4. Real talk: Yeah, someday I might regret it. But I'm not gonna spend the next 20+ years in an unhealthy & emotionally abusive relationship on the off-chance that I might regret NOT having that relationship when I'm 50. Because guess what? I have thought this through.
  5. & even if I hadn't: I don't have to justify my life choices to you.