In honor of the 10th anniversary of HSM
  1. All the main kids would probably be white tbqh
  2. It wouldn't have taken two freaking movies for Troy & Gabriella to kiss!
  3. There would probably be more making out in general
  4. Ryan would be explicitly gay
  5. But Ryan/Chad would still only be subtext
    Although wearing each other's clothes after the gayest baseball game/dance-off in the history of cinema BARELY qualifies as "subtext"
  6. Zeke's baking subplot would either be way bigger or nonexistent
  7. Martha would not be a secondary character unless she was played by a more conventionally attractive actress
    These films are actually pretty inclusive, which is awesome
  8. Zac Efron would still be the one to most successfully transition to mainstream films
  9. It probably wouldn't have been so crazily successful/popular
  10. Which means - the real tragedy - Teen Beach Movie wouldn't exist
    & Teen Beach Movie is the greatest Disney Channel Movie of all time! OF ALL TIME!