Disclaimer: No judgment if you ship any of these pairings. I don't, but I can certainly see why people do. Also, spoilers (sort of) for Supernatural, Arrow, Reign, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, & The Flash
  1. Sam & Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
    Oh lord, where to even begin?? Have sold their souls for each other. Have gone to Hell for each other. Have purposefully blown up every romantic relationship either of them has ever had. Have a reputation in the Hunter community, Heaven, Hell, & Purgatory for being obsessed with each other. Constantly tell other people to let go of their dead loved ones, then ignore their own advice when it comes to the other. Oh yeah, & they're canonically soulmates!
  2. The Mikaelsons (The Vampire Diaries & The Originals)
    They've vowed to be together 'always & forever', the conceit of The Originals' pilot is essentially Elijah trying to convince Klaus to have a baby with him, & the plot of that show boils down to 'I just want to spend an immortal eternity with my siblings but these pesky love interests keep getting in the way!' (There's also the weird thing where Rebekah tried to elope with Klaus's adopted son)
  3. Iris West & Barry Allen (The Flash)
    If you want Barry/Iris to be endgame then why would you give them a connection that would make any sexual aspect of their relationship LEGALLY INCEST in most states?? No seriously, I'm asking. (Fortunately, they seem to have realized the creep factor & dropped that storyline this season. But Barry has seriously thought about banging his foster sister & we all know it.) [Update: Nvm, they fully committed to this storyline. & their (shared!!!) dad ships it! 🤢]
  4. Stefan & Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
    Claim to hate each other most of the time but consistently screw over other people for the sake of the other. Straight up lose their minds when the other is dead. Spend an inordinate amount of time touching each other's faces. Only treat one other person in their lives with the same devotion - Elena, their shared love interest.
  5. Tristan & Aurora (The Originals)
    Elijah described their devotion to each other as 'pathological', so you know it's fucked up if a Mikaelson can see it's fucked up!
  6. Bash & Claude (Reign)
    Half-siblings who CANONICALLY had some kind of sexual encounter (pre-show, & they were vague on details THANK GOD) because the writers apparently went insane & forgot they weren't writing for HBO & The CW is supposed to never go further than sexually-tense-but-allegedly-platonic forehead touches between siblings.
  7. Thea Queen & Tommy Merlyn (Arrow)
    In fairness, I think this was more of a Star Wars situation where they didn't know they were gonna make them siblings when they had Thea hit on Tommy in S1. Still happened though. (Shoutout to Legends of Tomorrow for [so far] avoiding any weird incesty vibes [by not featuring any siblings])
  8. The Blossom Twins (Riverdale)
    Are they supposed to be coming off as creepily twincesty or is this just The CW being its usual clueless self? - a question I shouldn't have to ask myself AND YET
  9. Bottom line: I don't know what's going on with the CW writers & their siblings, & I'm pretty sure I don't want to.