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  4. 'If Finn is a Stormtrooper, how are he & Rey cousins?'
    Not totally sure why she felt being a Stormtrooper meant Finn couldn't have cousins?
  5. 'Oh, that makes more sense. But you know, they hugged but didn't kiss, so I wasn't sure.'
    After I explained that Finn & Rey aren't cousins. I guess 'not kissing' is her indicator for if people are related or not, so everyone in this movie is related, except Han & Leia, and, awkwardly enough, Luke & Leia.
  6. 'Wait, if Han Solo is [Kylo Ren]'s father, how is [Kylo Ren] also LUKE'S son? Is that like, a Force thing?'
    After Kylo Ren called Vader 'Grandfather'. I said, 'I'm pretty sure he's related to Vader through Leia,' & she was like, 'Oh, that makes sense,' but I love love LOVE that her first assumption was that Han & Luke had a kid together.
  7. 'I feel like Han & Leia would have produced a more attractive child.'
    No disrespect to Adam Driver, who is a great actor & did a phenomenal job in this film but... yes.
  8. 'I like that the girl is the one with Force powers.'
    Well I don't like it. I LOVE IT!
  9. 'Harrison Ford was the best part.'
    I agree but like, that's true of all Star Wars films.
  10. 'I can't believe Mark Hamill had to even think about being in this movie! He got paid like a million bucks to stand on top of a mountain in a burlap sack! He didn't even have to talk! He barely had to move except to slooowly turn to look at her! It probably took like an afternoon! What else does he have going on in his life anyway?!'
    This rant went on for awhile & it was AMAZING