all lyrics are incipient & subject to change
  1. Asshole Dads & Shitty Boyfriends
    'Douchebags don't define me / but they're still not off the hook'
  2. Lose A Pair (Be A Woman About It)
    'Men are so whiny / Shut the fuck up!'
  3. I Didn't Ask For Your Opinion, Dude
    'Stop mansplaining / I'm done feigning / interest in your unsolicited advice'
  4. I'm Not Your Fucking Sweetheart
    'I'm only saying "have a nice day" / because otherwise I won't get paid / I "accidentally" made your latte decaf though / burn in hell, you condescending asshole'
  5. I Want To Go To Lesbos (The Mythical One)
    'All women all the time? / Sounds pretty fucking good to me'
  6. My Grandma Was The Greatest Human Being To Ever Walk This Planet
    'Yes she was / No I don't care how great you think yours was / This isn't up for debate'