This is the story I told at her funeral.
  1. One time my family was having breakfast at a restaurant.
    My family = Grandma, Mom, two sisters, & me. I was in Jr. High, maybe, so my sisters were in high school, although I don't think that's particularly relevant.
  2. At a table near us was a large party that consisted of several adults & three or four very loud little kids.
  3. Throughout our meal, the kids kept yelling at each other, 'Whatever you say is what you are, whatever you say is what you are, whatever you say is what you are!'
  4. It was annoying, but we joked about it a little at our table & tried to ignore them.
  5. By the time we got up to leave, the kids were running around the restaurant while their adults chatted at the table, probably glad of a respite.
  6. My grandma went up to one of the kids & said, 'What did you have for breakfast, little girl?'
  7. 'Pancakes,' said the little girl, suddenly shy.
  8. 'WHATEVER YOU SAY IS WHAT YOU ARE!' my grandma shouted, before sailing out of the restaurant.
  9. It was the best thing ever.