1. My mom bought a grill last weekend. Since we don't have a vehicle larger than a sedan among us, one of her friends with a truck is picking it up for us either today or tomorrow (it depends on his schedule).
  2. So about 30 minutes ago the doorbell rings.
  3. I answer, assuming it's the guy with the grill.
  4. It's not. It's one of our neighbors, holding a plastic grocery bag.
  5. "Peaches!" she says, as soon as I open the door.
    Not "hello" or "hey" or "good evening". Just "peaches!"
  6. "I'm sorry?" I say. I'm trying to corral my dog, who is convinced we're under attack, while still looking politely interested & not confused.
    I'm also trying to remember if this is the woman who always spies on us from across the street, or the woman who's convinced her husband somehow gave her cancer.
  7. "Peaches," she repeats, shaking the bag at me a little. "They're from our tree."
  8. "Oh," I say. "That's so thoughtful. Thank you."
  9. "They're a little small because it got hot so early this year," she says.
    This is the first week it's been hot in like two months but whatever.
  10. Before I can answer, she continues, "Not to brag, but these are way better than anything you'll find at Whole Foods or Sprouts."
    She says this, according to @nelle, like she personally grew the peaches on her own limbs.
  11. "I'm sure," I say. "Thank you so much."
  12. "Yeah," she says & walks off.
  13. So we still don't have a grill, but we do have fresh peaches.