1. 'The Little Mermaid' is sexist because Eric falls in love with Ariel because she's mute.
    Um, no, literally the opposite happens: Eric falls in love WITH Ariel's voice. He has trouble connecting with this weird mute girl & ditches her as soon as Vanessa shows up because Vanessa HAS ARIEL'S VOICE. The whole POINT is that Ursula tells Ariel men only want silent women AND THAT'S A LIE. Eric WANTS Ariel to talk! The whole message of that film is insanely feminist & people who don't see that either aren't paying enough attention or are idiots or both.
  2. 'The Hunchback of Nortre Dame' teaches kids that even if you do the right thing, you won't get the girl if you're ugly.
    Fuck you! Maybe the point is that you should do the right thing BECAUSE IT'S THE RIGHT THING, not because a hot girl will then magically owe herself to you.
  3. 'Beauty & the Beast' promotes bestiality.
    No, it doesn't. If you really believe this, please take some time to educate yourself about actual problems in media & also the world in general. ('The Lion King' on the other hand...😳)