The fact that I didn't think to ask any of these questions while I was watching or immediately after tells you how good the movie is. You don't need logic when you have feels.
  4. If the Accords make the Avengers answer to the UN, why is Ross, a member of the US government & not the UN, suddenly in charge of them? (on a related note: Why do they all go to Austria to sign the Accords when, last time I checked, the UN meets in NYC?)
    Like what happened to the UN committee that was supposed to oversee them? Did something change when the UN blew up? What are the Accords anyway? Are there any real benefits to signing? If you sign but then go somewhere Ross/the committee doesn't approve, do you just get a slap on the wrist or do you still go to prison but a lower-security one? Does it ensure your right to a trial (that the Constitution should already ensure for the US citizens at least)? Which reminds me...
  5. What happened to Natasha after the airport?
    Tony is like, 'They're coming for you,' so... do they?? Who are they? Coming for what?? For a disciplinary hearing? For imprisonment?? We literally never see or hear about Natasha again. Was she in the prison with everyone else at the end? In a different prison? At the compound? In the wind? Did she help Steve break into the prison or is he gonna pick her up somewhere else later or is she back with Tony or is she on her own or or or ??????
  6. While we're at it, what happened to Sharon?
    Did she get fired? Put on trial? Imprisoned? Talk her way out of it? Go on the run? Like with Natasha, Steve tells her, 'They're gonna come looking for you,' (who????) and then we never hear about Sharon ever again!! She could be on trial for treason! She could be dead! She could be the new president! We have no idea.
  7. What was Zemo's actual plan? He tells the Hydra dude he DOESN'T want to have to find & activate Bucky, but then he doesn't actually want the Winter Soldier Squad, he just wants to watch Steve & Tony fight to the death? But how could he do that without activating Bucky?? Also Tony wasn't even supposed to be in Siberia, he just showed up?
    There's no way Zemo could have known or predicted things would unfold the way they did. It was actually super unlikely Steve, Bucky, & Tony would be the ones who'd end up in Siberia. & again, why did Zemo make a point of telling the Hydra dude all he cared about was Siberia when he actually didn't care about Siberia at all??? He was gonna kill him either way, & all that did was give the Hydra dude some sense of pride as he died. What does Zemo gain from that?? This plot is a mess!
  8. I'm still gonna go see it like fifteen more times though.