I'm cautiously optimistic
  1. Will they remove the ambiguity of Nala's parentage to erase any incesty vibes?
    I - unlike, I've discovered, a lot of kids - always just assumed Mufasa was Nala's dad because like, who else would it be? Scar? So I watched 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' with the full understanding that Simba & Nala were half-siblings. I was cool with it because a) they were animals & b) they were royalty, so in my mind it checked out. Looking back, I'm not certain this was a conclusion Disney intended me to come to, though.
  2. Will I find mo-cap!Simba as hot as hand-drawn!Simba?
    & if it doesn't give me weird sexual feelings for an anthropomorphic animated lion, will it really be The Lion King?
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