Think I've solved the mystery of why my life is going nowhere...
  1. What does Game of Thrones have against direwolves?
    I hope somewhere out there, Nymeria is making a list like Arya's of all the people who murdered her siblings (Cersei Lannister, Walder Frey, the White Walkers, Smalljon Umber) & then season seven will just be Arya & Nymeria bathing Westeros in blood as they avenge their families.
  2. What was going on between Arthur & Eames in Inception anyway?
    They were definitely fucking, right? Like there's no other satisfactory explanation. I don't even care if Cobb was awake or asleep at the end, what about Arthur & Eames?? CHRISTOPHER NOLAN, EXPLAIN.
  3. Will Professor X & Magneto become an official couple in my lifetime?
    It's 2016, I can't believe they still want us to think these assholes are straight. Honestly those movies would be so much better if they just went for it.
  4. On a related note, will Kirk/Spock become official in my lifetime? Holmes/Watson?
    I can't believe I'm still waiting for this. Even more, I can't believe someone canonized Holmes/Moriarty before Holmes/Watson.
  5. Will Agents of SHIELD ever apologize for killing Trip?
    Especially while keeping Grant Ward alive 2 1/2 seasons too long 😒
  6. Why do I even watch Agents of SHIELD?
    Oh that's right...
  7. Will Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes ever be allowed to be happy?
  8. What do people see in Batman & Spider-Man?
    Seriously, why are there 800 Spider-Man movies when he's more boring than LITERALLY EVERY OTHER SUPERHERO. There have been 5 (soon to be 6 for some reason!!) Spider-Man movies in the past 15 years alone & ZERO Black Widow or Mystique movies I JUST???!???
  9. The Supernatural people seem cool, so why won't they just admit Dean & Cas are in love??
    The Supernatural people KNOW their audience is mostly women, so why are they so determined to write for the audience of homophobic dickwad fuckbois they don't actually have?
  10. Since Girl Meets World is basically doing a poly relationship anyway, why won't they go all the way & just admit Riley & Maya are in love?
    Somehow sister-girlfriends is totally fine for a Disney show, but girlfriends-girlfriends would be going too far??
  11. How does Tatiana Maslany have so much chemistry with herself? How does she not have ALL THE AWARDS?
    Are we sure there's really only one Tatiana Maslany?
  12. Is J.K. Rowling the George Lucas of our time?
  13. Will I ever find a man as perfect as Ben Wyatt?