a far from comprehensive list in no particular order
  1. Caspian/Lucy
    Did the people who made the Prince Caspian film even read the books?? Clearly not, or they would know that Caspian belongs with LUCY. They are made for each other. Accept no substitutes.
  2. Han/Leia
    I shipped this before I knew what shipping was
  3. Ron/Hermione
    I have shipped this since I was ten & JKR is stupid to regret making them endgame (I don't believe in Death of the Author - unless the author is wrong).
  4. David/Jonathan
    The most wasted potential of all the wasted potential of the short-lived tv show Kings was canonically gay Jonathan who ... hated David for some reason???? THEY ARE CANON IN THE SOURCE, YOU FOOLS!
  5. Anne Shirley/Gilbert Blythe
    The most frustrating part of the Anne books AND films is always when they're dating other people and pretending they're not perfect for each other.
  6. Achilles/Patroclus
    If you don't ship this, you are reading The Iliad wrong. I'm sorry but you are.
  7. Gawain/Bertilak
    Sir Bertilak is obviously very sexually frustrated. Gawain should have done the chivalrous thing and slept with his wife so Bertilak could finally get some sweet, sweet Camelot ass
  8. Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
    If they just got over themselves and admitted they were in love then 99.9% of Mutant problems wouldn't even exist
  9. Barney Snaith/Valancy Stirling
    Where is my Barney Snaith??
  10. Kirk/Spock
    There is nothing - not aliens, not death, not even altered timelines - that can keep them apart! They're the definition of True Love.
  11. Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff
  12. Jesus/Peter
    Even as a kid, before I knew what shipping or slash even was, I knew these two had something going on that transcended friendship, and basically what I'm saying is my first slash ship involved Jesus