1. I question many things about this, mostly that terrorism & monetary crimes are part of the same division. Also saying anti-terrorist but not anti-monetary crimes kind of makes it seem like a division that is committing monetary crimes while fighting terrorism.
  2. I sincerely hope the FBI is doing more important things than intercepting my 'Congratulations! You Just Won A Lottery You Didn't Enter!' emails & answering them for me.
  3. I also hope their employees have better grammar. & wtf is the 'world winded'????
  4. Useless bureaucracy! Why am I even paying taxes?? & is there a Step 2 or...??
  5. I can actually almost believe the FBI is still using Yahoo email. Almost. (I'm also kind of tempted to call that number ngl)
  6. 'Yours in Service,Photograph of Director' is how I plan to sign all my professional emails from now on.
  7. This btw is the email address this came from
    looks legit
  8. Can't wait to share my newfound wealth with everyone!