alternatively: Star Trek Scenes I Would Draw If I Could
  1. A Picard-Crusher family dinner
    The Picard-Crusher family consists of Picard, Data, Beverly, & Wesley (optional: Data’s supportive but massively uncomfortable boyfriend Geordi)
  2. Seven & Data have a playdate
    Spock babysits
  3. Data & the Doctor put on a two-man Shakespeare production
    it’s about as well-received as you’d expect
  4. Bones has a rare disease & Bashir & the Doctor working together are the only ones who can cure him
    Bones ends up curing himself but it takes two days for any of them to stop snarking at each other long enough to notice
  5. Bashir & Kim bond over their respective ill-fated crushes on their married best friends
  6. Crusher & Chakotay bond over THEIR respective ill-fated crushes on captains who will never make a move
    Q is like, "I know, right?" & then Crusher & Chakotay bond over how much they hate Q
  7. Troi & Kes meet & are like, “I’m sensing a lot of sensing from you.”
  8. Sisko, Riker, & Paris challenge each other to a ridiculous multi-sport competition
    it doesn’t really matter who wins because, ultimately, we all lose