Here, have a random story from my life.
  1. I don't know why.
  2. I just, as I explained seriously to my mother, had a FEELING.
  3. My sisters & I were going to visit our grandparents in Arizona & I was absolutely convinced that I would never return.
  4. Not because I thought anything bad would happen.
    I didn't like my grandparents, but it's not like I thought they were going to murder me. & I had never flown before, but I wasn't afraid of flying either.
  5. But I KNEW I was going to just like, die in my sleep while I was there.
  6. I was so convinced I was going to die, I actually wrote a Last Will & Testament
    It was basically just 'my sisters can divide my 90 Pound Puppies between them & then @nelle can have my living, breathing puppy'.
  7. I remember sitting in my mom's room the day before we left, playing backgammon & being like, 'Well, this is probably the last time we'll ever get to play this together.'
  8. My mom said, 'I hope not. Oh look, double sixes!'
  9. The next day we went to the airport & I was like, 'Goodbye forever, Mom, never forget me!' & my mom was like, 'Okay, see you in a week.'
  10. In a shocking twist everyone saw coming, I did not die in Arizona, & my mom did, in fact, see me a week later when she met us at the gate at the airport.
  11. No one was more surprised by my continued existence than I was (by which I mean I was the only one who was surprised).
  12. But I had been so certain I was going to die, that when I didn't, I was less relieved & more like, '... now what?'
  13. I was a weird kid.